I love teaching science. Few days go by that I am not sharing something with my students that shows God’s perfect design and amazing creativity. We know that God created the earth and everything in it because we have faith in the Bible. However, the evidence we see in science proves this repeatedly. For example, in my junior high science class, we learn about the geologic column and its relevancy to the worldwide flood; and in my chemistry class, we learn about orbital bonding and realize not one theory can explain the complexity seen in molecular bonding. These are just a few examples of how science confirms and strengthens our faith.

Just recently, I read an article titled, “Royal Society Meeting: What Evolutionists Say When They Think Nobody’s Listening.”  This article explains how the Royal Society, an exclusive science organization that dates to 1660 with Robert Boyle and Isaac Newton as members, met in London and discussed behind closed doors how Darwinism is broken. Evolution and its so-called “evidence” is taught in schools and to the public and is actually a far cry to what these prominent scientists really believe.

I have such a unique opportunity at Harvest Baptist Academy to teach this. I get to teach things about science that enforce our faith. I am able to show how the evidence supports what the Bible states about creation and life. It is so encouraging to know that not only what we believe is true but also that the evidence we see in the world around us points to that truth. I have the perfect job because I get to teach science, but I also get to use science to help strengthen the faith of my students.