I first want to acknowledge that this blog is intended to share my observations and appreciation for Christian school education. This is in no way intended to discredit or disparage public education, and is simply an attempt to express my appreciation for Christian school, and specifically Harvest Baptist Academy. I feel that my forty years of experience both personally and professionally, and my involvement in various school districts have offered me a unique view and I felt compelled to share.

I grew up attending public school, attended a state university, and substituted in public schools for many years. My kids attended public school; my parents, grandparents and cousins have all in a large part been educated in a public school format. I even have family members who have made their profession as teachers in the public school arena.

Through my own experience, both personally and professionally and through the observation of the experiences of those close to me, I have come to this conclusion: environment is HUGE!

Satan will attack and be on the prowl no matter where you are, but if you are in an environment where God is not made the central focus, Satan’s presence can be more apparent. In public school, God is not the center of the institution. Because God is forsaken, a variety of beliefs, values, and morals are accepted and are tolerated.

Tolerance is the philosophy that seems to inundate the public school environment. While words like tolerance and acceptance sound great, in my experience, these ideas weren’t promoting the “Golden Rule.” This extreme push for tolerance seemed to work in contrast to the traditional beliefs. Tolerance is about every lifestyle or behavior being acceptable. Because of this thought, public schools are dealing with situations that have been detrimental to school systems.

Here is a list of positive aspects of Christian school I find comforting:

  • In a Christian school, God is in every subject.
  • In a Christian school faculty and students are allowed to talk about God.
  • In a Christian school faculty and staff are allowed to talk about prayer, the Bible, and salvation.
  • A Christian school allows and encourages prayer for people, including the saved and unsaved public school students/teachers.
  • The curriculum in a Christian school teaches the beginning of time was creation. (I personally found it exciting, when I opened my daughter’s ninth grade World History book and saw that she was learning about God and creation as the beginning. I NEVER experienced that type of world history in any public school, and this demonstrates the Godly focus that I mentioned above.)
  • The faculty in a Christian school monitors your child’s reading selection and website access.
  • A Christian school upholds certain biblical standards and lifestyles and does not accept behaviors such as cursing, public affection, and disrespect.
  • Christian schools do not have drug or bomb raids, where police are coming in with dogs, sniffing out every inch of the school and looking for danger.
  • In Christian schools there are not explicit conversations between students or sometimes, teachers.
  • Christian schools do not allow inappropriate dress, whether it is in appropriate words on a shirt or lack of modesty that is completely offensive. (And, the dress code is demonstrated by the teachers.)
  • Christian schools provide counseling that is biblically based.
  • Some Christian schools have uniforms, so materialism does not define a student’s self­worth.

I am not saying that all christian schools are perfect or that situations that need to be dealt with don’t come up. Social problems exist everywhere, whether it be in public school, Christian school or even specifically at Harvest Baptist. I, however, have been part of Harvest for the past three years and I have seen a clear difference in the type of problems, the frequency of problems, and the way that problems are dealt with, and have grown to greatly appreciate HBA’s approach. I really believe that we at Harvest are not exempt from problems, but I have developed the utmost confidence in our commitment to the kids’ safety, educational development, and spiritual growth.

Again, this blog is in no way trying to bash public school. This is about years of experiences with public school education and the two years I have spent at Harvest. I had some wonderful teachers and teachers as dear friends who were working for the greater good of each and every student. I absolutely loved my students that I taught in the public school, and each one of them were very special. This blog wasn’t about one specific person, or a specific place, or even a specific group. This is a personal summary of my years of experience with public school and the stark contrast that I have experienced at Harvest. I believe that a focus on God has been the biggest difference, and as a result, I felt compelled to share my appreciation for a Christian school education.

I can’t stress enough that the things I learned, saw, and experienced over the last forty years are what has brought me to this realization. I am so thankful for how God blessed my family and me to a Christian school setting. I can’t explain how truly blessed I feel to be part of such a God-fearing institution that loves Him and puts God before anything else. I feel so blessed that I simply wanted to share this in an effort to maybe be a blessing to anyone else who may be contemplating the public vs Christian school decision.